Because Your Full Health Is Your True Wealth

Kate Mills

The Healing Coach

‘Prevention is the New Health’


“Treating people is what I love, they could be suffering with a physical illness, an ache or pain, an emotional or mental illness like depression, high levels of stress, phobias or addictions. I use Energy Healing which is highly effective.”

Energy Healing is a non-touch energy based treatment. I am also a Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Pregnancy Masseuse and Arbonne Skincare Specialist. I believe we have an energetic anatomy and a physical anatomy so we need to treat the whole being to get the desired results and quickly.

By seeing a complimentary therapist regularly you can keep your body healthy and full of vitality, reduce suffering and enhance your longevity. We MOT and service our cars to prevent breakdown, why do we not do the same for our human bodies?

My Work


“The link between gut health, nutritional content of our food and using good quality products on our skin can produce phenomenal results allowing the skin to glow and stay younger for longer. Combining energy and facial massage techniques you can slow down the ageing process.”

Kate offers Bespoke Coaching Programs, Corporate Wellness Days, Energy Seminars, Meditation Classes, and Rejuvenating Retreats.

You are in control of your destiny and in complete control of your health much more than you realise.”

Kate helps you to feel in control and ‘EMPOWERED’ again!



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Healing Clinics based in
Bourne End, Bucks, and
Postcombe, Oxfordshire, UK