I’m Kate Mills, the Healing Coach and I believe full health is true wealth

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Thank you for visiting, and for taking the time to prioritise your wellness. If you’re here, it likely means you’re searching for a solution to a problem. Whether that problem is a physical, mental or emotional challenge you’re facing, or a need to carve out some time for self-care, together we can find the answer you’re looking for.

Because our physical and energetic anatomies are intertwined in one harmonious system, I treat the whole being holistically – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically – rather than simply responding to issues in isolation. Optimal wellbeing can only be achieved if the mind, body and spirit are balanced, and you shouldn’t be a passenger in your own wellness journey; you have much more control over your health and your destiny than you may realise.

Let’s start a new chapter in your wellbeing journey!

“We think nothing of servicing our cars regularly.
Why wouldn’t we put the same amount of care into
our most important vehicle of all; our bodies!
– Kate Mills

My Work


Hi! I’m Kate, and as a holistic therapist with over 20 years’ experience, I provide everything from energy healing and meditation to reflexology and aromatherapy. I’m also a skincare and weight management specialist, beautician and masseuse.

To complement these services, I’m proud to offer energy healing and akashic record clearing: energy healing clears negative thoughts and emotions, while Akashic record clearing goes deeper and clears out negative patterns and behaviours through an entire lifetime and past lifetimes, giving an even more profound experience.  Read more about the positive impacts Akashic record clearing.

 truly love being able to connect with and help people, I care very deeply about my clients and their journeys. I’m really passionate about helping the planet as well as helping people, and work with a range of products including those which are sustainable, vegan certified, carbon neutral and zero waste (as well as being gluten free). One of the brands I work with is called Arbonne.

Clean up your physical body first, order my 30 days to healthy living pack now.

I’m on a mission to help my clients feel in control of their journey to wellness, so if you:
– Feel like you’re running on empty and need a boost of positivity
– Want to feel rebalanced, re-energised and recuperated
– Have decided it’s time to prioritise your own wellness
I hope you’ll get in touch so I can help get you on the right path!

Kate x



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